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Lay your favorite top flat and measure like this:

Frequently Asked Questions: 

How long will it take to receive my order:

POD or 'print on demand' means your items are picked and printed when the order comes in. This helps cuts down on waste. An order takes roughly 3 days to print and ship and then 3-5 days to arrive at your door or mail box. Please know that shipping times can take up to 2 weeks, especially in peak season. It is important to confirm the shipping address in your order confirmation. You should be receiving emails with the status of your order.   If you are ever concerned your order is not arriving as anticipated, please reach out. Please note, Joy Filled Apparel is not responsible for lost or stolen items after they have been shipped from production facility. 


Does this _________ run true to size?:

God's creativity knows no bounds. We are all different shapes and sizes. This is why we include a size chart with every item. We highly recommend measuring your favorite garment laying flat and compare it to the size chart. Most garments shrink very little. 


I received my order but it has a 'gross' or vinegar smell.:

The pretreatment solution used on POD garments can have a strong odor that some define as vinegar. This smell will go away after it's been out of it's packaging or washed. It does not linger. 


What if I want something special or custom made?:

I love doing custom work. I am happy to try and accommodate. I have created unique designs for teachers and Bible study groups. Please email me at and we will connect. -Michelle Miller


Do you really donate to non-profit organizations?:

Yes, I do. Because I am a relatively new business my donations have not been significant... yet.  If you are a pro-life organization and would like to be on our giving list, please send me an email at and put 'Donation Request' in the subject line. 


Do you really homeschool?:

Yes, we are a homeschooling family. -Michelle Miller


What is DTG printing?:

Direct to Garment or DTG printing is a process in which your chosen design is printed on a piece of clothing. It works much like a printer you use at home. This is not a vinyl heat transfer process so the print will look much different than you may be accustomed to.


Any other questions? Please feel free to email us directly at